Art Deco

On the first floor, the Art Deco suite is inspired by this very specific style from the 20's architecture. Most of the furniture and objects are from this period and have been found during our travels and searches on flea markets both across Belgium and France.
The suite offers a spacious living room (where the couch can be used as an extra bed 140x190 cm), a separate bedroom with a double bed (160x200 cm) which can also be split in 2 single beds. The private bathroom includes both a shower, a bath and a separate toilet. 
We hope the warm colours and the atmosphere will transport you into sweet ancient memories.

Max. occupancy : 3 persons


On the second floor, the Star suite sets the scene like an artist's lodge or the backstage from the Hollywood Movie, reminding us from the Golden Age. All decoration and furniture have been chosen in black and white, just as a wink to the past. Play the game, feel like a star… and Action!
The suite offers a spacious living room (where the couch can be used as 2 extra single beds 190x90 cm), a bedroom with a double bed (160x200 cm), and a private bathroom with both a shower, a bath and a separate toilet.

Max. occupancy : 4 persons


On the third floor, the Comics room is the smallest but also the cutest one, with its flashy colours and its authentic collection of comic strips ... likely thousands of hours of reading! This was a must in Brussels. The room is located on the backside of the house, therefore very quiet with a view on Brussels rooftops ... including the belfry of the Grand Place town hall.
The room offers a bedroom with double bed (160cm) and a bathroom with a large shower and a toilet. 

Max. occupancy : 2 persons


Just under the roof is our lovely Chocolate room, fully inspired by the whole colour range of chocolates, from white to dark.  From the roof windows, the sky will accompany your sweet dreams.
The room offers a large bedroom with a double bed (160cm), a separate bathroom and a top mezzanine to enjoy some reading and resting moments admiring the view towards Brussels city center. A futon bed can accommodate an additional guest.

Max. occupancy: 3 persons